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Command bar missing after solution import

  • 1.  Command bar missing after solution import

    Posted Feb 27, 2018 10:06 AM
    Edited by System Apr 03, 2018 07:42 PM
    Something weird we have encountered a couple of times in recent months: after having imported an (unmanaged) solution (in  Dynamics 365 on prem 8.2.2), some users report that the command bar has gone missing on some forms (typically Email and Case - both of them forms where we have added customized buttons). This usually only happens in IE (although I've seen it in Chrome as well) and only with users that don't have the default lanugage setting for their interface (German and Dutch, so far).

    Pretty soon we found out that switching to another browser or setting the interface to English immediately brought back the command bar, so affected users could pretty quickly go on working (and improve their English skills in the process :-) . When I Googled the problem, however, I came across a post (unfortunately I don't find it back now, so no link, alas) that suggested that the 'Publish Customizations' process sometimes does not run 100% and that this might be behind it. The solution then (according to this post) was quite easy: run 'Publish Customizations' again. So that is what I did (and have done on all following occasions when the problem arose), and lo and behold... the problem was gone indeed.

    Is anyone else facing this issue too? Does anyone know what could be causing this?

    #Dynamics365 #Technical

    Jan Van Haver
    G DATA Software AG

  • 2.  RE: Command bar missing after solution import

    Posted Feb 28, 2018 05:30 PM
    We have seen some issues with the ribbon disappearing but these do not seem to be related to releases in our environment. For us this was resolved with clearing the cache or restarting the browser for affected users. Also seems to be better when working in Chrome.

    We have also seen several weird issues when importing solutions that are fixed with re-publishing. It shouldn't be a solution but sometimes it works. Generally when releasing changes we aim to do these after hours so users are not working when the change is made. Then I clear my cache before starting any testing. If issues, start with a republish and another cache clear and then troubleshoot from there.

    Good luck!

    Kylie Kiser
    Supervisor, CRM System
    Fairfax VA

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